Monday, September 19, 2011

Band Interview : Samsara (Australia)

Samsara, a hardcore band from Melbourne Australia has released their new album “The Emptiness” in 2007 and was produced by Kurt Ballou from Converge. The album was released by the most respected hardcore labels Trial and Error Record (Strech Armstrong, Life In Pictures, Against, etc) and the line up finalized to what appears on the debut album The Emptiness. Their talked about their album process, worst enemy and hardcore scene in Australia. We brought to you the exclusive interview with Samsara by Oki, only on HARDWEAR SHOES

1. First of all, can you guys please state your names and what you do in the band?
Dave - guitar
Brad - guitar
Baina - vocals
Brett - bass
Tim - drums

2. When and where did the band from ?
2005 in Melbourne Australia

3. What’s the meaning of Samsara for you guys?
The eternal cycle of life and death. birth, suffering, death, re-birth

4. Living or dead, which three band would you like to play with?
Slayer, Integrity, Metallica (early)

5. What’s the best album of all time? Why you choose that?
Reign In Blood - Slayer. So intense and way ahead of its time. Close second is South Of Heaven

6. What’s the best music clip of all time? And why you choose that?
Don't watch alot of video clips sorry..can't remember any that stood out

7. You just recently released a new record, “The Emptiness” can you explain the meaning behind the title?
Its about feeling empty with no-one around you, no-one is listening to you.

8. What song that Samsara pick to be the single? And why you pick that?
Maybe Slaughter, we don't really have any songs that are singles but that might be the closest

9. What’s the Mans Worst Enemy, your version?
I'd have to ask my singer that one, we all have our own worst enemies and we can be our own worst enemy too.

10. Your album The Emptiness are recorded and produced by Kurt Ballou from Converge, how about the relationship with him?
When Converge came to Australia we talked to Kurt about recording the album and we gave him demos of the album. He liked it and decided he could record it. It happened really fast.

11. What’s your influence? Slayer? Converge? Or else?
Yeah both those bands as well as alot of others that stay true to what they are doing and don't follow trends. Ringworm, Integrity, Sick Of It All etc.

12. Your album The Emptiness is an awakening for the Australian hardcore scene (Buzz Mag), how is your feeling about that?
They are nice words, we didn't set out to do anything but the reviews have been really positive and we are trying to do something different from everyone else in Australia.

13. How about the hardcore scene in Australia, especially in Melbourne, are grow up so fast?
The scene is very healthy in every city. Melbourne is very good. We just played a national tour and every city was awesome.

14. You guys are on Trial and Error Records, is it an easy environment to work with the record company, the producers and the label?
Trial and Error have been awesome to us. They let us do whatever we want, whenever we want. They really got behind us with the album, and Nigel , who runs it is one of my best friends, i've known him for 10 years.

15. This is a personal question, can you explain why some of your previous members left the band? What happened exactly?
They were in another band and were touring alot and it was hard to write the album. They were both in the same band, we are all still really good friends its just we couldn't move forward with them being away alot.

16. Any plans in 2008?
More shows, hopefully tour overseas and start writing for the next album.

17. Are you want to shows in Indonesia?
We would love to come to Indonesia. I've been to Bali myself like 5 times for holidays. I love the people.

18. Last words for your fans in Indonesia?
Keep it real and support local bands.

19. Contact? or

20. Thanks for everything
Thank you Oki

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